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Arras Castle

Otto and Maria Keuthen
Burg Arras
56859 Alf/Mosel
Tel.: (06542) 2 22 75
Fax: (06542) 2595

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The castle rises romantically from a precipitous rock above the middle Moselle region. The former bulwark of the Palatine Count of Lorraine, with its great hall, its powerful keep, its ditches and ramparts along the castle mount was erected in the early Middle Ages. From the top of the well-preserved keep, built in 936, the visitor finds a lovely view over several valleys. The castle was destroyed during the French war of succession and later rebuilt and is now an exquisite hotel and restaurant, also with terrace in the castle ward.

Opening-hours: March to November; admittance: 9 a.m. ? 18 p.m.

Catering: hotel and restaurant

Extras: Museum for the culture of the Moselle region. Heinrich Lübke memorial. Institute for medical skin treatment; Laser Institute

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