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Sie befinden sich hier:Burgen und Schlösser
Bürresheim Castle

Burgen, Schlösser, Altertümer - Rheinland-Pfalz
Schlossverwaltung Bürresheim
56727 Bürresheim bei Mayen

Telefon: (0 26 51) 7 64 40

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Today, old castles like this are rare: remotely standing for centuries in an unspoiled landscape with creeks, forests and mountains. Bürresheim Castle has never been conquered or destroyed like most of the other castles in the Rhineland. Generations of one noble family who lived here till 1938 collected a rich fitting-out with furniture and paintings. So, there you find a unique evidence of the culture and the way of life of local nobility. The castle consists of a picturesque group of buildings constructed between the 12th and 17th century. The ancient donjon belongs to the earliest foundations. The small baroque garden facing the south was already depicted on paintings of the 17th century. The castle ward enchants the visitor with its rich and colourful half-timbered house and the different slate roofs and cone-shaped tower tops. The inside of the medieval main building still lends an impression of the modest life around 1490.  On each floor there is a big hall with oak pillars, wooden ceilings and huge chimneys. Only later smaller rooms were built-in. There one finds an exposition of furniture from the 15th up to the 19th century. Numerous portraits show the family and peers of former centuries.

Opening-hours: Visits only in connection with guided tour; last admittance: 45 Minutes before closing time.
Easter ? 30. September: 9 a.m. ? 5.15 p.m.
1st October ? Sunday before Easter: 9 a.m. ? 4.15 p.m.
Closed in December

Catering: Hotel and Restaurant Hammes-Mühle nearby.

Extras: Cultural events during summer (see also homepage)

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